Prenups For Everyone, Not Just The Wealthy

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract put in place prior to marriage, and protects the couples as individuals just in case they get divorced. A prenup can have simple intentions, such as legally outlining which assets are being brought into the marriage that will later not be divided up if divorce happens. However, prenuptial agreements can be comprehensive and bind the couple to certain responsibilities for the duration of their marriage. As a prenuptial agreement lawyer offers, even if you have a modest income level, if you’re thinking about getting married with a prenup, here are some things to consider.

While we often view prenups as something rich people do, it is not just for the wealthy. If you are worried that proposing having a prenup is an unromantic choice, consider the fact that a prenup can be beneficial for both couples, and doesn’t have to focus solely on one person. Your lawyer, such as a team member from Carpenter & Lewis PLLC, can ensure that your prenuptial agreement targets each person’s wishes as you enter marriage together.

If your partner has been married in the past, you may be worried that history will just repeat itself. But keep in mind that people grow, and life circumstances change, and sometimes relationships just don’t work out in the way that we plan. It is an important component of your trust to believe your partner’s reassurances that what you have is different. But it’s also understandable that someone who has been through a divorce where their assets were greatly affected and divided unfairly would want a prenup as a way to protect themselves. It may not be a reflection on you and your relationship, but instead shows just how much your partner was affected by the divorce they went through in the past.

If you or your future spouse have children, then joining your life together in marriage is going to be a life defining choice for other people in your life too. While you may not have substantial wealth that needs protecting, you may want to protect your children. For example, maybe you are concerned about what will happen to your kids if you were to become unexpectedly incapacitated or die while your children are young. Or maybe your kids are adults now, but you want them to retain their inheritance. A prenuptial agreement can solidify their inheritances and be a useful tool to make sure that your children’s best interests are considered.

Another aspect of having a prenuptial agreement is if you own a business. You may have worked hard to have relationships with your investors, customers, employees, and business partners. If your business and the people involved with it are tied to your marriage that may end an divorce, it has the potential to get messy. A prenup is a good strategy for getting ahead of any issues if in the future your ex spouse attempts to obtain a large chunk of your profit made from the business for themselves. Having discussions like these may not be easy, but they are important. Both people entering the marriage deserve to have their individual lives and goals considered and protected so that they can enter matrimony with more ease and faith into the future.