Bergen County High Asset Divorce Lawyer

At O’Cathain Law Group, our team is dedicated to handling divorces of all kinds, including Bergen County, New Jersey, high-asset divorce. High-asset divorce is a word used to describe the process of dissolving a marriage when one or both spouses have a substantial net worth. High-asset divorces have many aspects in common with traditional divorces, but understandably, those with large assets tend to be most worried about protecting their wealth. After all, if you have spent your life building a financial foundation for yourself, the risk of losing that can be scary. If you are entering a divorce and have assets worth protecting, reach out to a Bergen County high-asset divorce lawyer today.

Value of Assets

One of the main differences between divorces with high assets and those that aren’t is the value and number of assets that apply to the case. A high-asset divorce can entail a complicated assessment of legal ownership. Assets can include investments, business interests, real estate, intellectual property, 401K or IRA, retirement accounts, deferred compensation, stock options, and other belongings with high monetary value. It is important to have a legal team that is aware of how laws may affect how your assets are distributed. Due to the high stakes of these divorces, we recommend hiring a seasoned team of lawyers who have had clients going through a Bergen County high-asset divorce before.

Listing All Assets

During your divorce, you will have to be forthcoming about what your debts and assets are. Your lawyer can help you organize a list of all the assets that were acquired during the marriage. This list may include items like your family home, pets, vacation home, rental properties, cars, boats, planes, children’s college funds, financial accounts, jewelry owned by either spouse (wedding rings, engagement bands), owned businesses, investments, and savings accounts. When presenting your lawyer with your list of assets, be specific in what outcomes you want when dividing property. By learning more about your assets, your legal team will know where to begin and how to advocate for your best interests.

Protect Your Assets During Divorce With a Bergen County Attorney

Sometimes, marriage just doesn’t go as planned, and then the life that was built together has to be divided. Divorce can be a complex process with highs and lows. With everything you have accumulated being at risk of being split between you and your ex, it’s understandable that you would be worried about your assets diminishing. Don’t let your assets be at risk of loss in your divorce case. For assistance, reach out to a Bergen County high-asset divorce lawyer right away. We will begin by scheduling a consultation where we learn more about your situation and priorities. At O’Cathain Law Group, we can address your concerns with precision and care, as we know how important it is to have assets divided in a reasonable manner. The sooner you find a legal team that can navigate the unique nuances of a high-asset divorce, the better your odds are of an outcome in your favor. We are ready to take your call.